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Hello, we are Inma and Jordi, the essence of AnGrey Excellium´s. So that you get to know us a little more, we tell you that our passion is to COMPETE and our REASON to be YINA ...

We know that the QUALITY in the care of the RACE causes the EXCELLENCE of it.

Know what food, what care in their hygiene, when and why they should have adequate deworming, keep track of vaccinations, etc. makes our commitment ABSOLUTE. 

“Establishing exhaustive breeding criteria makes us different”

We made the leap to be BREEDERS, with a clear objective, TO TAKE CARE of all the aspects that make up the WELL-BEING of the copies and thus be able to enhance and guarantee their evolution as a RACE. 


We guarantee you:

  • Litters will not exceed one per year for each “FEMALE AnGrey”Taking ABSOLUTE PRIORITY the physical state of the specimen to be covered. 
  • All puppies undergo the relevant minimum medical check-ups before being delivered to their new home.
  • PEDIGREE guaranteed.
  • The candidates to be THE ELECTED both to be part of the AnGrey LEGACY and to choose the preference of ARTIFICIAL FERTILIZATION +info here must meet the minimum requirements required See requirements
  • Deliveries will not be made outside the legal norms imposed by: Minimum time of MATERNAL BREEDING AN · GRAY stipulated (75 DAYS / 2.5 MONTHS), MINIMUM VACCINATION PLAN, international transport, norms of the country of reception of the specimen.
  • We are RESPONSIBLE and CONSEQUENT, this means that it is vital for our reason of being that the RACE is reproduced with total guarantees of QUALITY in its WELL-BEING.


Following our firm conviction to seek QUALITY at all times to obtain EXCELLENCE, without forgetting the WELL-BEING of the RACE itself, we want to contribute our experience.

If your option is ARTIFICIAL FERTILIZER (FROZEN / REFRIGERATED), either to avoid the displacement of the FEMALE, to save time or simply to look for the MALE'S GENETICS, you have to know that:


  • Extraction by PROFESSIONALS specialized in this type of techniques
  • Genetic test of semen (DNA).

Frozen Semen

The alternative of the 21st century.


  • Quick and safe obtaining (natural ejaculation)
  • It allows an alternative aging combined with natural riding.
  • Free of bacterial and viral diseases, such as Brucellosis, Herpes virus, Mycoplasma etc.
  • Genetics available even if the specimen is not alive.



  • Lower fertility percentage.

Refrigerated semen

As easy as natural riding


  • Quick and safe obtaining (natural ejaculation)
  • Preservation for 72h., Constant temperature of 5 degrees centigrade.
  • Allows vaginal insemination.
  • Ease of transportation and handling.



  • I don't respect time
  • Requires special material. 

Monta natural

Riding or mating ritual is the method where the AnGrey LEGACY begins naturally. 


  • Quick and safe obtaining (natural ejaculation)
  • Guaranteed genetics.



  • Availability of specimen for natural riding in Seville and surroundings.

AnGrey Legacy

Be part of the history of each issue.

For us each LITTER is special and each EXEMPLARY has something that makes it unique. Some for their shapes, others for their complexion, others for their REASON of BREED. At AnGrey we are characterized by giving the affection and care that each one demands and as the RACE itself raises us. Without ever forgetting that in all cases it must be of excellent QUALITY.

That is why, and because we take it very seriously, that the first thing we want to let you know is that you must meet what for us are the minimum requirements to be part of the AnGrey Legacy

If you do not meet these requirements we are NOT your breeder option, it is not personal, we are clear and these requirements are raised from the demands of the RACE itself and not by HUMAN whim.

I want a dog

What requirements do I need to have?

  • Knowledge of the WEIMARANER RACE
    (basic aspects of coexistence and vital needs of the horses )
  • Animal culture and experience.
  • Place of residence.
  • Space in which the AnGrey specimen will develop its life (flat / house / others).
  • Hourly availability for dedication to your vital development.
  • Food expenses 
  • Veterinary expenses 
  • What would it be for (company, hunting, competition)
  • Current economy
    (budget stipulated to allocate to the development of the dog?)

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    (Specify the order of each item * according to the degree of importance to you when choosing an item) Character / Size / Structure / Movement / Tail-Tail / Appetite / Fur / Head / Bite / Legs

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